Since Jess is out in NJ and I’m all the way here in San Francisco, I thought I’d change it up a bit for this post and write a bit about a local gem.  The power of the interweb means that these days none of us has to be limited by zip code, so maybe it’s time to discover something from a far-away-land.
I’ll try and pepper these Local Love Affair posts in from time-to-time going forward so you can see what inspires us in different parts of the country.
Over the years I have been blogging for Jess you might have noticed that I am a fan of a little brand called Curator (see here and here, among others). This line was founded by two best friends who wanted to make clothes locally, using sustainable products wherever possible, to go the distance in a busy woman’s wardrobe.  I became a fan when I left the workforce to care for my LittleMan and needed clothes that were chic but comfortable and machine-washable.  Even though I didn’t last long out of the workplace, my love for Curator has endured.  A few years ago they went from wholesaling to running their own little retail operation in outer Noe Valley, one of those far-flung-but-utterly-cool enclaves where families and hipsters and dot-commers all converge for brunch on Sundays.
If I had to say what keeps me making the haul out to their shop, it’s the sheer simplicity of the clothes, a go-anywhere sensibility that suits my life.  (I’ve worn the Jocelyn dress to the beach and to a black-tie optional cocktail party with a simple change of necklace and shoes.)  Sure, a it’s easy to say that a T-shirt is a T-shirt is a T-shirt, but anyone who’s actually found that perfect tee knows that the simplest things are often the hardest to pull off.  Below is a round-up of some of my favorite things this spring (all available for order!). 

– Jaime