First of all, it’s nice to be back here at the Nest Studio blog.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jaime and I write the San Francisco-based lifestyle and parenting blog Less on the Floor.  I’ve known Jess for about 20 years now and it’s always fun to collaborate on Stylin’ Mama.
If you read any fashion blogs you *probably* noticed that last week was all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, aka the official Fall Fashion Shopping Event (kind of like back-to-school for grown-ups).  
It’s made for some fun browsing, but honestly…living here in Northern California it always makes me giggle a bit.  Because what the rest of the country thinks of as “transitional dressing” or “shoulder-season dressing” is really just dressing in San Francisco, where the temperatures are always between 49 and 75 degrees and usually swing a full 20 or 30 degrees on any given day.  
Do I get excited about Fall Fashion?  Yessir, I do.  But it’s honestly in more of fashion-porn kind of a way.  For example, I lust for these boots, but you know what?  I will never.  Wear.  Them.  Because they will feel great in the morning and then the sun will come out and they will just stick to my hot legs and annoy me until the fog rolls back in.  
In short, my Fall Fashion Wishlist is as schizophrenic as the weather in these parts.  Sandals and sweaters, anoraks and cropped pants.  Somehow it all works…and of course, end-of-summer sales work in our favor.  So there’s that.  

To start, I am lately obsessed with staggered-hem jeans.  I actually DIY-ed my own last week in a fit of frugality, but if that’s not your thing, these from Nordy’s are pretty cool.  

For the summer-to-fall transition, a soft sweater in a soft color will ward off any chill in the air, but be sure to layer over a fitted tee for the inevitable midday burst of sunshine.  (P.S. how sexy is this henley?)
For trucking around town, those who know check out Bryr clogs.  Handmade right here in their Dogpatch studio, just down the street from AT&T Park, these clogs are so beautiful and literally give life to your jeans-and-a-sweater.  I know Jess had some mixed results ordering from them — my suspicion is that their production infrastructure wasn’t quite up to their sudden cult-status explosion last year — but so far mine are holding up beautifully.  These Spanish Peep-Toes are next on my list.   
Though neither my professional life nor my social life demand heels these days (sigh), I am a gal who likes to be prepared to go day-to-night.  Cue these lovely rose-colored heels (on sale!): between your sexy henley and your sexy shoe, all that’s missing from date night is a glass of rose. 
On a more practical note, this dressy anorak is the perfect back-of-the-car coat in case the sweater isn’t cutting it.  And of course, every Stylin’ Mama needs a bag that can hold everything…and I hear backpacks are still hot these days.  
Whatever your life demands, enjoy these last few weeks of summer and happy Fall shopping.  
– Jaime