You can say it: I have a shoe problem.  I know.  Everyone who knows me knows.  This week I promised myself an “unsentimental shoe purge” and I came up with 3 pairs.  3 pairs out of — easily — 75?  More?  Some I wear more than others, some I haven’t worn in years, but shoes are that ONE item of clothing that will always, always come back around.  I feel sick when I go to buy a pair of black knee-high boots and I think about the gorgeous black knee-high boots I had right after college that would be PERFECT.  Why did I get rid of them???  Because the heel seemed clunky?  Because the shaft start to feel like an awkward height?  Why didn’t have the foresight to know: they will come back around?

So I have a shoe problem that extends beyond collecting to hoarding.  But here’s a dirty secret: I also have a denim problem.  When you are a mamma, it is easy to fall into a denim rut.  When you are a Stylin’ Mamma, you keep trying to break out of the denim rut only to find yourself gravitating to stylin’ denim: High waisted!  Floral print!  Zip-leg!
I need to get a grip.
This summer I’m deep into my denim shorts.  I’m wearing ’em sporty, and I’m wearing ’em chic.  Playground?  Nike Frees (yes, those again), durable watch, aves, and a perfect pullover. Writers’ meeting?  Button up, jacket, flats, and headband (what can I say?  I’m into them.).
Oh, and p.s.: I’m totally in love with these shoes.  
What’s your problem?
– Jaime