Fall is a transitional month here in San Francisco, with temps ranging from upper 50s to upper 70s over the course of a single day (the marine layer, and all that).
I am trying (tryyyyying!) to curb the shopping after doing a small wardrobe re-vamp over the summer, but I couldn’t resist these “vegan” leather shorts.  For September and October, they will work with the last of my summer tan; once November rolls around I can wear them over thick tights.  
The price is right on these bad boys, and I’m discovering that they’re wildly versatile; a must for a mamma who transitions from workday to school run to board meeting and back again between 6am and 8pm.
Don’t believe me?  Well, behold: Styled with a soft pink tee, flat shoes, and a playful bag (plus that omnipresent watch…one must always mind the time!), they are about as non-threatening as (faux) leather gets.  
For a more decadent twist, try a still-feminine — but decidedly dressy — top, pop-of-color strappies, and (always) jewelry (bigger! bolder!).  A classic jacket keeps those shoulders warm when the fog rolls in.  And hey, because you saved such big bucks buying vegan, you should absolutely splurge on that Chanel, no?
– Jaime