‘Tis the season to wear boots, and the good news is, they’re everywhere.  Short, tall, dressy, casual, bright colored, classic…Nordstrom’s shoe department is a big old boot fantasy these days!
After much debate, I landed on these for 2013, and may I say, I’m *quite* pleased with them!  Comfy, practical, unusual, and versatile (you can zip them up for a skinny midcalf fit too).
I don’t know about you but I hate wearing long pants in the winter.  The ground is ucky (especially in rainy and snowy climes) and I feel like I get home at the end of the day with my trouser hems all a mess or my jeans heavy and damp.  Tights and skirts keep it light while also holding the elements at bay…plus they look a bit sassy, too, for holiday shopping downtown.
A sculptural skirt in a traditional print gets a pop of color from textured tights and a small cross-body bag (best not to be weighed down when you have presents to gather).  The rest of the look stays neutral and warm — layers, layers, layers! — with a chambray shirt under a cashmere sweater, all wrapped up in a poncho.  Gloves keep your fingers warm as you stomp from store to store!  
Happy Hunting!
– Jaime