California, I love you, but you’re giving me whiplash.  Last week it was 75 degrees and we were at the beach in cutoffs, but today it’s in the low 50s and I’m shivering in my flimsy blouse.  How’s a StylinMamma to clothe herself under these conditions?  Make up your meteorological mind!

I know, I know.  I can’t complain.  The rest of the country is literally buried in snow and here I am getting all flustered about one gray day.  And yet.  There is the question of getting dressed in the morning, completely unsure whether you’ll be sweating it out by noon or chattering in your non-weatherstripped office.  
Yesterday, caught unawares by chilly temps, I found myself wandering through my local Zara and finding a crazy-town sale in progress.  It is common knowledge that Zara makes the best coats, and I bolted for the jumble of season’s end outerwear on markdown.  
This time of year calls for an arsenal of layers, ranging from a cozy wool topper to this season’s lightweight long vest.  I’m taking advantage of the retailer’s premature need to shed winter layers and stocking up now for the roller coaster ahead.  Happy shopping!
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Long Spring Layers 
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– Jaime