Last weekend found us in Bodega Bay, hitting up the windy shore for some sun, salt air, and relaxation.  Up here in Northern California, beaches mean wetsuits and jeans more than skimpy bikinis…or perhaps a comfy cozy dress like this one.  (in “tempest”)

If you don’t own white Chuck Taylors, BUY SOME.  You will thank me.  
Are you a hipster?  Perhaps not.  But you can fool a lot people in these sunnies.  
I know it’s a bit Kardashian, but I love my fedora
If your beach baby, like mine, sees sand as a meal alternative, you may need to hold her up for a while. …although carrying Babygirl close to my chest means I usually forgo necklaces for some good arm candy like this Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle and leather wrap bracelet.
If I’m carrying the kids, my husband is charge of the bag.