I’ll be honest: I’ve been feeling a little uninspired in the fashion department lately.  The holiday excesses followed by the 49ers run for the Superbowl, coupled with two sick kiddos, added up to weeks and weeks of too much junk food and not enough fresh air, and I’m just now starting to bounce back.

It was this jacket that finally jolted me out of my doldrums.  

How to style such an item, such a statement in and of itself?  Not one to shy away from a challenge (or a vigorously loud print, apparently), I propose the following:
A striped top: If Lucky prints it, it must be so: florals and stripes always go together.  I like the wide stripes (and the subtle yellow accents) for weekend, but for work I would probably go with the darker, more conservative top.
Dark skinnies: A no-fail option.  This new length is darling with booties in winter or flats come April.
Black and Blue skirt: Picks up the stripes in the shirt while toning down the brightness of the jacket.  Hot pink flats, booties, or heels: you can’t go wrong.
Bright jaquard pants: Just how much of a pick-me-up are you looking for here?  I’m thinking fah-bulous green heels to finish…
Booties: A few ideas.
Dreamy or more reality driven
Flats: Bright bright bright.  Shoes are always neutral, I always say.
Dreamy or reality
Heels: Go for it.
Winter or spring

Done.  Get out there and cheer up.