The rest of the world bids farewell to Summer over Labor Day, but we here in San Francisco do it during Fleet Week.  The temps soared to triple digits this first week in October, and every roof deck in town springs to life for the Blue Angels defying gravity over San Francisco Bay.  This year, we are also graced by the America’s Cup, so I’m inspired by nautical trends with a late-season touch.  Now break out the binoculars (or a necklace that looks like them), slather the SPF 50 on the wee ones, pour a cold one — and I’ll see you on the roof!

I am *sold* on the peplum top.  (Have you had a baby?  Do you have a tummy?  Who cares?  Look at that peplum!!)

The antidote to skinnies: a sailor jean.

This is San Francisco.  Plus it’s October.  Which means the fog’s a’comin’ sometime, sister.  Is anything more patriotic than Tommy Hilfiger?  (Okay, you got me: Ralph Lauren.  But I’m digging Tommy today.)
Red shoes would be too obvious, dontcha think?  But I am a sucker for orange and the suede gives a nod to the Fall season.
And a little cheeky nod to seafarer’s binoculars at the collarbone.
Is it a clutch?  NO!  It’s a diaper bag.  With just enough room for your iPhone — to take pictures of kidlets in nautical gear— and your wallet (in case you need to dash out for a bottle of rose).