One of my favorite finds recently has been our dining room chandelier. It’s from Jonathan Adler and is one that I’d been eyeing for a while and had pinned to our house pinboard.  Well, I’m on this great mom’s email list in our town and people are always selling stuff, giving stuff away and offering valuable information up.  Someone had bought this chandelier for her living room but it turned out to be too big and she was selling it new for a deep discount.  I snatched it up and it looks fabulous in the room. The dining table is also a freebie from my mom’s list and I plan to paint it a sort of minty celadon color so there is less heavy wood in the room.  It has two leaves so is great for entertaining.  Also planning to get a fiddle leaf fig for the right hand corner and maybe a brass or lucite bar cart for the left.  Here it is from a couple of angles.  Don’t you love my new accessorizing?  Baby wipes, sippy cup, gold fish crackers, high chair (as I said in a previous post, if I waited to stage the space, this post would never happen).

And a view from the kitchen (pre-glaze and stencil):