Now that we are in the depths of summer (although it’s only getting up to 81 degrees here today), I thought I’d give you a little update on our summer plantings and front yard projects. We haven’t done much since the mulch project and I haven’t really done that much planting in the front except for the melons I planted in the spring. That said, it’s been very impressive to watch them grow.  Here is what the area between the walkway and the driveway looked like when we were doing the mulch project.

As you can see, the watermelon plants had really just started to leaf out and there was a lot of bare dirt.  Well, here is what that area looks like now. They are really doing a great job acting as a ground cover.

I love how the purple plum I planted this spring along with the purple coral bells and barberry contrast with the yellow door. And the grasses are starting to frame the entry nicely as well.

Here are some of the melons up close. We have seven total so far (we harvested one but realized it wasn’t ripe so we are waiting for these to get a bit bigger and hoping that Floopy the cat continues to fend off the squirrels).

On the other side of the yard we have some cantaloupes growing.

And earlier in the summer we hung a porch swing which my mother painted yellow to match our door. I got some fun bolster pillows for cheap from Target that add a bit of pattern and tie into the color of the swing, the blue ceiling and the black floor.

Lucy’s favorite activity is sitting on the swing and looking over Puo-puo’s shoulder at the hydrangeas that are starting to bloom.

How is your summer shaping up?