Well, the kitchen floor got started last week. I was hoping to actually complete it as well but a cold slowed me down.  So today I’m stenciling (wish me luck).  But I thought I’d show you the progress from last week. The floor was a light grey basecoat originally.

To add a bit more contrast between the base and the stencil and to give it more of a weathered look I did a charcoal gray glaze over top.  I ragged it on with a 1:1 ratio of glaze to paint. It was surprisingly easy and used way less paint and glaze than I anticipated (unfortunately because I’d already mixed it I wasted a lot).  Here it is in progress:

Here it is done after two coats.  It almost has a sort of linoleum look now which I’m liking, and it hides dirt so much better than the solid grey.

I’m looking forward to seeing the stencil over top and crossing my fingers that it goes as well as the glaze did.  As a reminder, this is what we are going for:

I hope to complete this today and then see if I need to add the black squares and do some sanding to give it an antiqued feel. And then on Wednesday I hope to clear coat it. Ambitious, I know, but I can’t wait to have it done!  What do you think so far?