First off, thank you for all the compliments on the kitchen floor.  It was by far one of the biggest DIY projects I’ve taken on and I’m so glad it was such a success.  But you didn’t think the kitchen was complete, did you?  Next on the docket is adding the island, creating a cushion for the window seat, doing some shades at the windows, and then figuring out some sort of table to go at the breakfast nook.  And of course getting our deck built come spring so we don’t fall out of the french doors. 

Well, the custom island arrived.  It sat on our porch in a crate (which you can see in some of the front door photos) for a while and was finally opened by my GC when he came to do the door.  It’s been put in the kitchen and really adds so much more counter and storage space (again I apologize for the lack of staging). 

It will be getting the same stone top as the rest of the kitchen and some storage baskets below to keep things corralled and looking neat (gotta re-organize now that I know Bryan will pull all the baskets down).  The casters lock which is great when you have a toddler.

When it’s time to party I think we can wheel it over in front of the bench to use as a buffet and increase flow.  We could even wheel it outside to the deck if need be. I also love that I added the towel bars on the end – and one day when Bryan is bigger and we don’t have to worry about breakage, we could even store wine on it since the horizontal bars are just the right width apart.  I love the french bistro feel of it all.