We’ve been waiting for our new front door for what seemed like forever. If you recall, the front of our house used to look like this, with faux shutters next to the door, covered up side lites and a solid metal door. No fun.

You can see from the photo above that the side lites were on the inside but not the outside!

Well, the front door came in probably 2 months ago. After some issues with the door frame and then with the size of the door, we were finally able to get it in. It really livens up the front of the house and lets in so much more light to the living room (not to mention so much less cold air).  The trim is going to be painted the dark brown and the side lights will be white to match the other windows, but we have to wait for warmer weather to get that done.  I’m happy with the results for now.  The pop of yellow makes such a huge difference!  And it made for a nice backdrop for our Nemo snow lounge chair that we built in the front yard this weekend.