No, I’m not talking about that long gone first snowfall Princetonian tradition.  I’m talking about Olympic Spa here in Koreatown LA.  Not for the modest or faint of heart, Olympic Spa is a traditional Korean bathing outpost requiring full nudity.

I took my 4th adventure there on Friday.  The spa features 2 jaccuzzis one of which is a very hot soaking tub of mugworts herbal tea (said to have healing qualities, and perhaps something out of Harry Potter as well), a cold plunge, a jade steam room, clay sauna and oxygen charcoal room. There is also a warmed stone platform or kang that you can take a nap on.  You can purchase a Simple Soak day pass for $15 and bathe to your hearts delight, and you can even eat in their cafe.  Or you can purchase a special treatment which includes the simple soak.  I highly recommend the Akasuri Scrub and mini massage.  For $70 you get an hour of undivided attention by a Korean masseuse clad in black bra and undies.  Included are a full body slough down, massage, mini facial, and hair wash.  There is no way not to come out of that glowing from head to toe.

Connie Harikul of wisely says: But don’t be fooled by the word “spa,” ’cause if you’re envisioning candlelit rooms with big, fluffy robes and piped-in new age music, you will be sorely disappointed. If, however, you are interested in visiting a tidy, no-nonsense, Korean bathhouse where a mere $15 grants you unlimited access to a variety of therapeutic saunas and baths, then you are in luck for Olympic Spa offers exactly that.