Back in LA we had my snuff bottle collection displayed on an acrylic tray on our coffee table. This worked fairly well since the table was large and our space could accommodate it. And of course Bryan was not mobile yet so we didn’t have to worry about his little hands. Now that he is into grabbing and throwing everything, the snuff bottles, as well as anything else breakable go up and/or away. Luckily I’d kept the West Elm mirrored wall shelves that I’d used to display the snuff bottles in our previous apartments in Brooklyn and LA.  So back out they came. 

I was worried that they’d sort of go away in a dark corner of the dining room, but it turns out the mirrors add dimension and light to the space.  Of course mounting four wall shelves exactly the right distance apart was a little tricky and required quite a bit of checking and rechecking and work with a level and ruler. But in the end, the result looks great and actually makes more of a statement than the snuff bottles did on the tray back in LA.