It’s been a crazy few weeks here with moving and getting adjusted to big city life again. We’ve been very fortunate to have my parents with us since early July.   They helped us with our move in LA and drove our car across the country (yes, you heard that right) to deliver it to use in NJ.  And now they’re here helping us with the house hunt and taking care of Baby Bryan while we get settled.  We can’t thank them enough for all the help and support they have provided during this time.  
Transitioning back into the land of humidity, public transportation, and walk-up apartments has been interesting.  City living definitely requires an extra layer of coordination with everything you do, but it’s also so exciting. I joined some friends for dinner and drinks last week in the city.  Completely forgetting about the off-duty cab witching hour, I ended up walking from the West Village to Nolita. Thank God I was wearing sensible shoes!  In any case, please stay with me for these next few weeks. I may be a little slow on the blog post front, but I hope to keep you as updated as possible (and we should be close to making a decision on our little version of NJ house hunters).