It’s no secret that everyone at Atelier Davis is an art lover, so it should come as no surprise that one of our favorite interior colors is International Klein Blue.

The French artist created this brilliant blue in the late 1950’s, with the help of Parisian paint dealer Edouard Adam, by suspending ultramarine pigment in synthetic resin.

We love a pop of IKB (International Klein Blue) in nearly any space. This blue is so pure and vibrant that it can masquerade as a backdrop, or as an accent piece that looks straight out of MoMA.

Jessie Schuster’s Kip’s Bay Showhouse room
2LG Studio

Adriana Jaros Design
@StudioDIY bathroom featuring Fireclay Tile

Although you are welcome to shell out big money for actual Klein blue pieces, several paint companies now offer close-enough versions of the hue, and Ressource Peintures ( has partnered with the Klein estate to release an IKB paint complete with your choice of underlay.

Of course, furnishing brands are also in on the trend. Even a single pop of Klein blue can make a room feel refreshed, fun, and modern.

Wherever you choose to use International Klein Blue, it’s a color that is universally pleasing. We promise this true-blue hue will make your days at least a little bit happier.

Elisa Luzzato