Heather Kilmer here . . . and this week is all about leather.  We are seeing lots of innovation in interior artisan leather these days.  From chairs to accessories to fashion, here are some of our favorite leather trends:

Ngala Trading from South Africa is one of my favorite leather artisans.  Their handcrafted Urchin Chandeliers and Shaggy Leather Chairs are meticulously constructed with hand-stripped leather and have a dramatic life-like appearance.  All their pieces make a distinctive statement in any interior.

The Objets Nomades collection by Louis Vuitton uses leather to celebrate the Art of Travel.  From intricate morph-able interior screens to portable furniture leather is fastened, cut, woven and reimagined in visually stunning ways.

I am in awe of Una Burke‘s complex skillful leather constructions.  Ranging from art to fashion to accessories, her handcrafted pieces are made using vegetable tanned leathers and solid brass fittings.

Nest Studio likes leather so much we are adding it to our hardware collection.  Here is a sneak peak of our soon to be launched Mod Series prototypes with a customizable leather option.