Perforated metal has become popular in architectural applications over the past few years for good reason: this relatively inexpensive, durable medium is a dramatic way to add creative personality to a façade or interior, while often also increasing the sustainability of designs.

wood and perforated metal modern interior
Interior designed by Pavel Yanev

It’s no surprise that this enthusiasm for perforated metal has now found its way into lighting, furnishings and decor. From high-end to low, this trend is popping up everywhere. Take a look at some of our favorite products:

blue perforated metal credenza buffet
Perforated Metal Buffet – West Elm
pink modern perforated metal chandelier light
Perforated Metal Pendant Light – Mooie Light
peach millennial pink perforated metal cabinet
Mashrabeya Cabinet – Nina Mair
brutalist brass gold perforated metal chandelier light
Brass Perforated Chandelier – Dering Hall
ikea red perforated metal cabinet clothes stand
perforated metal coffee table gold
Metal Coffee Table – DHP