So, I previously blogged about Public’s simple 3 speed bikes.  I love that these types of bikes are enjoying a resurgence.  The design is classic, they are way more stylish than your typical hybrid, but they are practical as well, especially for those of us who are only using our bikes for trekking around our neighborhoods.  Well, the trend spotters at Urban Outfitters seem to have caught on to this as well and you can now purchase your own customized bike from their Dutch partner Republic… I guess all these bike people like very democratic names. 

There is the fixed/free gear Aristotle which has the option to coast while on a fixed gear bike (I’m not a fan of fixed gears if you’re not a true bike messanger, but at least this gives you a little more flexibility).  And there is the single speed Plato which is more of a city cruiser and even has an enclosed chain so you don’t get your pants all greased up.  At only $399 they are more wallet friendly than Public’s versions but I think you’d be wishing you spent more if you attempted to ride up a Pasadena or Silverlake hill on one of these.  So, these are great for flat urban terrain, but spring for some gears if you live anywhere with an incline over 5%.