Hi Everyone! Jess D back today with the final space in our Urban Farmhouse Reveal. It’s been so fun sharing this project with you all. We didn’t do any sort of design board for this space as my clients bought most of the furniture and then passed the selections by me.  But when I got to LA they were generally unhappy with the layout and the way the space felt.  I shifted around the seating so it felt more natural and utilized the space better and brought in some finishing touches (pillows, throws and accessories) to soften things up. I love how this space feels and am more than a little jealous of the year-round outdoor living they have in Socal.  My good friend Nancy Knapp at Weeds Garden Design did an amazing job on the plantings (pictured here just a few months old).  Can’t wait to see how things look as the plants grow in and become more lush.