I’ve been really lucky lately in that I’ve been able to scratch my design itch by working on a new home for a couple of friends out in LA. The house they are building is farmhouse modern – totally up my alley – I had literally been pinning farmhouse modern images on Pinterest atnd lusting over open airy spaces for the past few months until their call.  We’ve been working on space planning with their architect and have been figuring out the design direction for all of the areas with built-ins and hard surface finishes.  We’re mostly done with those areas and next up will be fun stuff like furniture, rugs and lighting. I thought I’d share with you what we’ve done to date. This week I’ll be sharing the kitchen. The look is clean and minimal but with a bit of a traditional bent.  Here is the design board I created (I love the mixed metals)

And an elevation of the main appliance wall.

And a quick sketch I did looking into the space.

Stay tuned! Next week I’ll be sharing the master bath.