Hi Folks! The One Room Challenge started last week and we are off to a great start with Lucy’s room. Here is a reminder of what Lucy’s board looks like now.

Over the past week we have made quite a bit of progress. We installed some shelves in this funny nook that is created by a chimney bumpout and the wall.  The use of space is so much better!

And I have been experimenting with rugs. I got this large oriental rug on craigslist for a steal and I loved the size and how soft it was but alas, it just looked too masculine.

I ended up purchasing a rug from an Etsy Seller in Turkey and I love it (the one on my board). The colors are subtle and the dancing ladies on the rug are so fun!

It  smells a bit like a hookah lounge which I suppose is the price you pay when you buy a rug from Turkey. But the smell is dissipating and nothing a good dose of Febreze won’t fix.

Stay tuned on Instagram and next week on the blog as we get up and running with paint colors and other new purchases!