Well, we have a new addition in the Davis house.  We’ve got a nice comfy wing chair for the corner between the sofa and the stairs. I’d been wanting a wing chair here for a while and every once in a while would do a quick browse on craigslist to see if there was anything out there. My goal was to find a well proportioned chair in good condition for around $50 that I could reupholster.  Well, this baby was $70 (still not bad).  It’s in great shape. We will reupholster it down the line but in the meantime the color scheme surprisingly works (although it adds a grandma element to the room).  

As you can see Floopy is already a fan.  I can’t wait to get some art up on the wall in the next few weeks to make the room look more complete.  I’m hoping to find some really fun graphic print for the wing chair along with something maybe slightly smaller scale for the two caned back chairs.