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If you are anything like us over here at Atelier Davis, your pets are considered family members, too. With the holidays and gift shopping in full swing, we can’t forget about our furry family members! Whether it be your pet or someone else’s, we’ve compiled tons of items to spoil both the animals and their owners rotten — while keeping it stylish.

First up on our gift guide for the four-legged family members is beds. Whether you have a frisky feline or a cuddly canine, there’s plenty of appealing options for all sizes and fitting for a variety of styles.

From left to right and top to bottom: Braided Knot Bed, Wicker Hut Bed, Pyramid Nest Bed, and Pendleton Stripe Bed
From left to right and top to bottom: Cow Print Tufted Bed, Striped Lounger Bed, Oatmeal Day Bed, and the Modern Memory Foam Bed

Up next on our gift guide for the furry family members is all about fashion. I recently found a new brand that I am head over heels for, The Foggy Dog. The Foggy Dog sells all sorts of items for pets from leashes and collars to toys and beds. But right now we’ll focus on my favorite product of theirs: bandanas. Offering tons of patterns and color options, their bandanas are the perfect way to keep your pets stylin’ year-round. There is even an option to purchase reusable matching face masks for the human! Not to mention the best part of shopping with The Foggy Dog – with every purchase made, the company donates a half-pound of dog food to feed a shelter dog!

Bandanas at The Foggy Dog

Now let’s talk about safety. We love our pets dearly and would be distraught if anything happened to them, right? I keep my dogs’ tags with my information on them at all times. Personally, I’ve never been a huge fan of a lot of the identification tags that are sold at large big box stores. They just seem kind of bland to me and I don’t like looking at them all of the time.

A couple years ago I found some really cute options on Etsy and I’m totally in love! The price is great and they are cute yet durable. The three I purchased have held up for going on several years with no sign of needing to be replaced anytime soon!

No matter your preference, there are tons of options on Etsy. From simple with a cute design or one that includes a funny phrase, there is no limit of options for customized pet tags. Here are a few of my favorites from the seller SouthpawDog where I ordered mine from.

Mountain Bark Ranger Tag, Squirrel Patrol Dog Tag, Polar Peaks Slide Collar Dog Tag (bottom left), Powder Hound Pet Tag (top right), PNW Woods Slide Collar Dog Tag (bottom right), and Camp It Tag (“Noble” Collars)

Another factor to keeping our pets safe is their collars, leashes, and harnesses. With an overwhelming amount of products on the market, it’s hard to pick the right one for your pet even if there technically isn’t a right one. For me, the most important element when choosing a collar and leash is its quality and durability. I recently decided to upgrade my dogs’ leashes came across another brand that I quickly became obsessed with – Wild One. Offering a full range of pet essentials, Wild One is known for its product’s durability, simple design, and comfort for both owner and pet.

Wild One Harness Kit

Just look at how many different collar options their different kits come in!

If you are looking for a more classic look, Room and Board offers another comfortable and durable option. With its top-grain stitched leather, you and your pooch can be seen out and about looking simply fashionable! These items also come in a sleek black colorway, too.

Miles Pet Leash, Miles Dog Collar, and Miles Dog Waste Bag Holder

We’ve talked about products for your pooches comfort along with the “wearables.” Now it’s time to feast! No matter where you keep your pet’s food and water bowls set up in your home, they’re not always pleasant to look at everyday. Here are some great options to keep your space looking fresh and fashionable.

From left to right and top to bottom: Modern Pet Bowl Stand, Modern Pet Bowl with Bamboo Stand, Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl and Stand, and the Modern Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

This gift guide dedicated to our four-legged family members would not be complete without the fun stuff. And by that I mean toys. I love seeing how happy my dogs are when they play with their toys, but there’s nothing like the excitement they get when receiving a new one. If you are looking to spoil the pooch in your life with some well-deserved fun, take a look at these holiday-themed toys!

Candy Cane Rope Toy, Holiday Donut Plush Toy, and the Holiday Squeaky Buddies 3 – pack

While stuffed toys are super cute, if you have a dog that can chew through anything, you need to check out these chewable sticks made by PetStages. These chew sticks are extremely durable and the only ones that last with my dogs. Made to be extremely durable and safe for your pets, I have yet to find any product that comes anywhere close. And the dogs love them!

From left to right: the Newhide, the Deerhorn, and the Dogwood

We’ve made it through a bunch of gift ideas for the furry one in your life, but now it’s time to take a look at some items that are essential for the owner of these sweet pooches.

If you’ve ever lived with a pet, you know about the mess that comes with them. After my life of experience living with dogs, I have finally found 3 magical products that have changed my life. And I truly mean that – no exaggeration whatsoever.

The first product that I keep near and dear to my heart is the Dyson v7 vacuum. Specifically, Dyson’s V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This vacuum is great for day to day cleaning and messes. Its powerful suction makes it perfect to use on all types of surfaces. I could talk about how useful this vacuum is, but I’ll leave it at this: well worth the money and I could talk about it for hours.

Dyson’s V7 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The next product that has changed my life for the better is the Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner. Though this carpet cleaner isn’t large enough for complete carpet cleaning, it is perfect for cleaning up spots. Another added benefit is that you can use it on upholstery, too! No more getting frustrated when the dogs track in mud – a quick and simple pass over the area with this carpet cleaner and the paw prints are gone!

While the Bissell Spot Clean Carpet Cleaner is powerful in its own right, when combined with their Pet Stain & Odor Formula it becomes next-level magical.

Bissell SpotClean Carpet Cleaner; Pet Stain & Odor Formula

Hope you and your fur baby enjoy this round up! Now it’s time to get busy spoiling those furry family members of ours!