Well, if you know anything about my harware line, you know I love lucite.  I have been coveting these Jonathan Adler lucite etageres for our bedroom nightstands, but they are more of a pipe dream than a reality at this point.  But I am happy to say that I got a little lucite fix recently, when we brought this wonderful CB2 console into our home.  I had been wanting to add a console near the door for quite some time.  Since our living room is small and there is already enough traditional stuff going on, this seemed like a nice, clean contemporary solution.  Bryan’s basket for his crazy ball collection slips in nicely below (although I might have to find some balls in colors that work better with my living room scheme) and our land line phone (which is more of a toy for Bryan than anything we ever use) now has a home.  Still trying to dig through my accessories to get this nook looking right, but I figured it was better to share than to wait much longer. I think some sort of tall vase with branches and a small piece of wall mounted art would make a nice transition from the mirror above to the vignette below.  I’m so glad that we now have a place to drop mail and keys etc. What do you think? Do you have a “landing pad” at your house?