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In January 22, 2024’s The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jessica Davis, Creative Director and Principal Designer at Atelier Davis, joins the conversation with local Atlanta interior designers on how to think about incorporating personal cultural heritage into a home’s design. While some people are blessed to have family heirlooms or items collected from a family’s lifetime journey and travels, Jessica offers new ways to think about sourcing similar objects from the past, repurposing collections, and using cultural colors in spaces to evoke warmth, comfort, and connectedness.

In Jessica’s own home, her father’s Chinese rug from traveling the Silk Road in China during the 1980s features in her entryway. Her snuff bottle collection is displayed artistically, and is a fun conversation point with guests. Her reimagined modern Tibetan rug and deep red sofa pull in elements of her Chinese American heritage and also her childhood growing up in Hong Kong.

What elements of your cultural heritage take the spotlight in your home?