Settling in and unpacking in this house has been a gradual process.  I can’t believe I’m saying this but we have been here 7 months now and there are still some boxes we haven’t fully unpacked. That is a little scary.  So when I started to furnish Bryan’s room naturally I hadn’t unpacked everything related to his room.  There wasn’t the same amount of space for the gallery wall over his dresser as there had been in our old house so I moved what we fondly refer to as “the ladies” to the corner next to his book ledges (the ladies is actually a batik of a man and a woman both with pierced ears wearing indigenous garb).  It seemed to work there but something wasn’t quite right. Here is what it looked like and what Bryan’s room usually looks like on a good day when he hasn’t dumped the content of each basket and bin onto the floor.

As I continued unpacking, of course, I found more artwork. I discovered my little Chinese paintings that had been next to his book ledges before.  Since they worked in that placement in LA I figured they would work here.  Luckily it was easy to take out the single nail that was holding up the ladies and the two new pieces covered over the hole nicely.  Viola!  So much better no?  Stay tuned for another roman shade DIY for Bryan’s room.  Can’t wait to get rid of those temporary paper numbers.