OK guys – I’m almost done showing you bathroom concept boards. Are you tired of them yet?

So far you’ve seen the Urban Farmhouse kitchen, master bath, kids’ bath, and guest bath. Now on to the powder room. This is a more public room used by both the residents and guests, so I figured we could go for more impact and something funky in here.

Option 1 injects a dose of fun with a whimsical but moody wallpaper, contrasted by a chevron floor tile, pedestal sink. and barn lighting

Option 2 is more modern. I used the shiplap board paneling in here again and used a stone vessel sink with brass wall-mounted plumbing.  The faceted pendant plays off the hex floor tile and a more feminine mirror contrasts all the hard lines.

The final option that my clients chose, Option 3, once again is a hybrid of the first two. They finally said yes to the paneling (hurrah!) and the stone vessel sink, but they loved the chevron floor from Option 2.  We had to switch out the mirror to a more clean lined one (like the concept image) because the feminine one was too tall for the space with the wall mounted fixtures.

What do you think of the Urban Farmhouse so far?  I can’t wait to show you the softgoods and decor schemes as we move forward!