Now you’ve been introduced to Founder, Jess Davis, and Alana Vicknair. Next up is Amber Bach, who joined team Atelier Davis just over a year ago. This witty mom of two brings a bright energy, as well as an adept skillset, to our interior design team. Here are Amber’s “6 Picks”:

Travel Destination : Yorkshire, UK is one of my favorite places on earth, and I dream of having a little farmhouse there. I’m also always ready to go back to California. When it comes to places I haven’t visited yet, Japan and Portugal are at the top of my wishlist!

Artist/Design Period Inspo : I’ve always loved the Arts & Crafts era – especially Japanism – but I’m currently in love with Bauhaus, Post Modernism, and a touch of “Dacha Chic” for good measure.

TV/Book : I’m a huge Lord of the Rings nerd, so I have to say that book is my favorite. I also love East of Eden, Pride and Prejudice, Women Who Run With the Wolves, and most anything David Sedaris writes.

Self Care Item : I’m never without Burt’s Bees lip balm – it’s kind of an addiction. As a mom I don’t take enough time for myself, but I make a daily ritual of my skincare routine. I’ve recently started the Good Molecules product line & I’m impressed by the results so far (especially at the low price point.) My skincare favorites also include CBD body butter (the BEST for dry patches or eczema), Drunk Elephant anything, and sea buckthorn oil.

Food : Indian food is my ultimate. If that’s not available, please feed me soul food (collard greens, always), salade niçoise, or rijsttafel (the colonial Dutch interpretation of an Indonesian rice table always takes me back to my time in Amsterdam with my Dutch grandparents

Atlanta Destination : I really miss going to The EARL for shows & surprisingly great food! Highland Row is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture and curiosities. I love the High Museum on a rainy day, and a late dinner & perfect drinks at Ticonderoga Club.

Image credits: Print – “Strawberry Thief” William Morris, 1883 via Wikimedia Commons; Yorkshire landscape – The Telegraph ; Bauhaus print – ; Indian food – ; High Museum – ; Lord of the Rings cover –