Get the Look: Amazing Airy Kitchen

Hey there, Kate Cabiltes here. The majority of my interior design daydreams are consumed by kitchens. When I came across this one by can-do-no-wrong designer Amber Lewis I couldn’t get it off my mind. There is almost a Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday, It’s Complicated) vibe to this cocina – the high ceilings,... Read more

Selecting Bathroom plumbing with

Hi Everyone! A while back I posted about selecting kitchen plumbing, and while there isn’t all that much plumbing in a kitchen, the considerations proved to be quite complex. I’m back today to give you my tips for selecting bathroom plumbing with my favorite source for all of this . I’m thinking that I... Read more

Get the Look: Cozy Artist Living Room

I stumbled across this interior by Atlanta-based Krywicki Interior Design on a recent Instagram binge. I am enamored by her use of neutral elements and textures mixed with modern pops through the use of artwork and textiles. This living space is calm and inviting but by no means boring. And can we talk about that modern light... Read more

LUSTING: Alchemilla Jewelry

I recently stumbled upon Alchemilla Jewelry after going down a instagram rabbit hole, and I could not be happier that I spent that time scrolling. I am seriously coveting EVERYTHING that Jen Lorang makes. As an interior designer, I can really appreciate people who take risks with designs. Here items are on trend but truly... Read more

How to Select a Skylight with Velux Skylights

Hey y’all! I feel like I have the right to say y’all, now that I’m back in the South. And if I can save syllables, I’m all for it. So you might have seen my post recently on selecting plumbing for your kitchen. We will dive into more plumbing selection guidelines down the road but... Read more

Discovering Farm Rio

Have you guys discovered Farm Rio yet? I’ve been on the hunt for dresses of late, and came across them on instagram. They are out of Brazil and have a decidedly fun, color-loving bent. I love all the frilly Liberty style micro florals out there right now but somehow they just don’t work on me... Read more

Trending: Scandi Style Kids Bedroom

Hey, Kate Cabiltes here! The scandi style look for kids bedroom and playrooms has been going strong for some time now. Known for their clutter free, minimalist look, Scandinavian room styles are naturally sought after for kids spaces – which typically tend to be huge on clutter and “stuff”. With some bright pops of color... Read more

Trending: Perforated Metal

Perforated metal has become popular in architectural applications over the past few years for good reason: this relatively inexpensive, durable medium is a dramatic way to add creative personality to a façade or interior, while often also increasing the sustainability of designs. It’s no surprise that this enthusiasm for perforated metal has now found its... Read more

Current Dining Room Project: A Work in Progress

I don’t know about you guys, but I love seeing a design project go from start to finish. Today I would like to share a current project my team is working on for a client that has made the big decision to move their family cross-country. The client found a cute new home in an... Read more

How to select plumbing with

Hi Friends! I’m here today to talk plumbing – no not how to solder pipes and the differences between PVC and copper – but decorative plumbing (faucets etc) in your bathrooms and kitchen.  As I’ve been in the process of selecting and installing plumbing in the Hotlanta Midmod for the past few months I thought I’d... Read more

Tuesday Trends: Jewel Box

As autumn rolls in it’s time to embrace cozy interiors full of moody, rich color. Emerald, scarlet, navy, and deep peacock teal can be beautifully paired with autumn’s other darling: ochre yellow. Never fear – these jewel tones also look fantastic with Millennial Pink. Balance it all with gold accents, black laquer, or a threadbare vintage... Read more

Get the Look: Modern Playful Workspace

Hey, Kate Cabiltes here! A workspace doesn’t have to be boring, but it does have to be organized and streamlined. I love the playful style of this modern Australian workspace featured on Domino. With very high ceilings, there is a great utilization of space, adding multiple layers of upper shelving. Modern Scandinavian style furniture and accents... Read more