Moodboard Monday : Moody Modern Dining Room

These dining room schemes are from an older project, but we’re seeing dark palettes with poppy accents trending! Black is the backdrop of a moody modern dining room with a fun mix of sparkly and colorful accessories sprinkled throughout. And of course, some greenery keeps it modern and livens up the vibe. Which is your... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Breezy Island Vibes for a Large Living Room

Atelier Davis is working on a project in Hawaii where the vibe is breezy, open, fresh, and sprinkled with some mid-century elements. Dividing this large living area into smaller seating areas was key to making this space feel intentional and fresh, while at the same time maintaining its openness. Working remotely on a project that... Read more

Trend Alert: Klein is Fine

It’s no secret that everyone at Atelier Davis is an art lover, so it should come as no surprise that one of our favorite interior colors is International Klein Blue. The French artist created this brilliant blue in the late 1950’s, with the help of Parisian paint dealer Edouard Adam, by suspending ultramarine pigment in... Read more

Earth Day: Outdoor Living by Atelier Davis

The Atelier Davis team is full of outdoor-enthusiasts. When not discussing design, we’re frequently chatting about what’s happening in our home gardens or sprucing up our patio spaces. Though we’re all getting outside today, what better way to virtually celebrate Earth Day than to roundup the outdoor spaces from Atelier Davis’ projects? Jess’ Buckhead Mid... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Color-filled Victorian

We love moody rooms and mixing modern furnishings into spaces with traditional bones. The color story of this project is especially key to modernizing and celebrating this home. Check out our boards below for a color-filled Victorian. And here’s a progress pic of the library in full paint! Read more

Roundup : The Clog Blog

My team clearly knows me well because, as the local clog expert, they pegged me to be the writer of the official Atelier Davis clog blog. So here I am. Clogs aren’t something new. However, gone are the days where wearing clogs meant you were in the medical or dental profession and your only options... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Earthy & Calm Home Office

We’re designing a large home office space for an in-town project that includes a seating area for lounging. We first created a “look and feel” board to land on the overall scheme. The vibe is earthy and calm, with built-in shelving, plenty of warm lighting options, nice repeated patterns, varying textures, and earth tones throughout. Read more


Lizzy Hughes is an old friend and colleague of Atelier Davis owner Jess Davis, and has been an invaluable collaborator to our team as our New York outpost! Check out her 6 Picks. Travel Destination : I love traveling and at this point I’m not too concerned with the destination. I look forward to a... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Different Directions for a Guest Bath

So many directions for one bathroom! Our clients need a reno for their bathroom adjacent to a woodsy, camp-inspired rec-room, so we presented three varied options. We love a good color block and this particular bath has a bunch of funny planes and angles so we leaned into it. But we also did a sophisticated zellige... Read more