Moodboard Monday: An Office That Inspires

Welcome back to another edition of Moodboard Monday! We’re excited to share some office schemes for a new project we’re working on. This dreamy office has everything you need, from a personalized gallery wall to custom built-ins, complete with a cozy bench that’s perfect for reading. The wallpapered ceiling in scheme A is a real... Read more

Summer Essentials Roundup

Summer is in full swing here in Atlanta, and team Atelier Davis is definitely feeling the heat! So in honor of the season, we wanted to share some of our favorite summer finds with you all. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or entertaining at home, we’ve got you covered! Check out our... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Cozy Guest Bedroom Schemes

Atelier Davis is working on a new project in the Atlanta area, and for today’s Moodboard Monday we’re featuring two schemes we created for the guest room. Using some of their existing pieces (headboard, window treatments, and ottoman), we’ve layered in texture and pattern to give the space a unique and modern, yet cozy feel.... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Powder Rooms that Pop

We’re back again with another #moodboardmonday! We previously featured the kitchen schemes for this Atlanta project, and now we’re back with a sneak peak at the powder rooms. The two spaces have very different vibes but are subtly tied together by texture, shape, and color. We especially love the interplay of textures between the showstopper... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Boldly Modern Dining Room

Last week we shared living room concepts for a new project Atelier Davis is working on, and we’re back with dining room concepts that continue the modern and art-centric theme. We just love the contrast between these paintings by William LaChance and Yeachin Tsai and the sturdy wood pieces that anchor the rest of the... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Artful Living Room

It’s always invigorating meeting clients who are unafraid to make a statement in their home — or in the case of this particular project, quite a few statements! For these first-round living room boards we introduced lots of standout pieces, from the serpentine Palindrome Multi Finish Chandelier, to the Good Colony Arch Drinks Table (made... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Cozy and Classic Kitchen

Atelier Davis is working on a new project in the beautiful Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, and today we’re thrilled to finally share a few moodboards we created for the kitchen. The kitchen serves as the central hub for this family, so we aimed to make a big impact while keeping it cozy, warm, and timeless.... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Phase II Rooftop Deck

We’re back with another update on the #hotlantamidmod, otherwise known as the Atlanta home of Atelier Davis’s own Jess Davis! Jess is expanding her home to add room for a new office, plus lots of extra living space for guests and kids. And the icing on the cake? This gorgeous rooftop deck extending from the... Read more

Moodboard Monday: A Small/Cool Space

Team Atelier Davis is totally jazzed to share these moodboards we created for Apartment Therapy’s upcoming AT Small/Cool event in NYC. Taking inspiration from the Memphis Design and Art Deco movements, this petite space is sure to pack a big punch! The Cleo Stripe Vertical Wallpaper from Chasing Paper sets the tone with its fun... Read more

Earth Day: Outdoor Living by Atelier Davis

The Atelier Davis team is full of outdoor-enthusiasts. When not discussing design, we’re frequently chatting about what’s happening in our home gardens or sprucing up our patio spaces. Though we’re all getting outside today, what better way to virtually celebrate Earth Day than to roundup the outdoor spaces from Atelier Davis’ projects? Jess’ Atlanta Mid... Read more

Moodboard Monday: A Bold Bar Room

We’re excited to share these materials schemes for a bespoke Bar Room that Team Atelier Davis is currently working on. The overall vibe is bold and glamorous, but with an emphasis on practicality with plenty of storage and comfy seating. Chic metallic fixtures and elegant lighting adorn a custom built-in designed specifically for the space,... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Playful Playroom

A couple of weeks ago we shared living room schemes for a local project, and today we’re excited to show you schemes for the basement playroom and adjoining foosball area. For these fun spaces we’ve incorporated cozy furniture and eclectic accents, along with plenty of storage for games, books, and toys. A custom built-in lines... Read more