Sketches for a Local Restaurant Project

Things are heating up in the local Atlanta restaurant project we’ve been working on this summer as we race towards the finish line. Team Atelier Davis can’t wait to share it with you all, so here’s a couple of preliminary sketches our principal Jess Davis created at the beginning of the process. Stay tuned for... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Serenbe Showhouse Schemes

Atelier Davis is thrilled to participate in this year’s Serenbe Showhouse! We’re designing a bedroom and bath for a contemporary-style home. The room is on the slightly smaller side but features a pair of amazing floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a wooded backyard, making it feel open. Soft neutral tones with fun patterns and textures provide... Read more

Moodboard Monday: Earth-Tone Kitchen

We love a warm, modern kitchen with an earth-tone palette. Check out the materials concept boards below, with a few mid-century modern-style accents sprinkled throughout. And here’s an explanation of what’s what: Read more

Moodboard Monday : Modern Kid’s Room

Atelier Davis loves designing kid’s rooms because we get to have fun. These concepts are for a current local project where kids will frequently visit. We’re doubling up the corner bed concept in the manner of Commune Design so that two can comfortably sleep over. With a reading corner, poppy colors, and plush textiles, this... Read more

Moodboard Monday : Kitchen Materials

We created a couple of materials moodboards for a local kitchen reno. Contrasting cabinets and countertops for the island, open shelving, and fun modern lighting will make this space feel bright, fresh, and inspiring. Which do you prefer? Read more

Moodboard Monday : Timeless Kid’s Bath

Jess Davis here! We wanted to keep this timeless and something that would grow with the kids. I debated doing a walk-in shower but my kids are bath people so we figured the flexibility of being able to take a bath or shower would work best.  So excited to see this tile pattern from Fireclay... Read more

Trend Alert : Making Waves

There is something so gratifying about when a curve nicely blends the formation of two different elements. After quite a (for lack of a better word) serious year, team Atelier Davis is loving the ease and fun of squiggly designs. After first noticing this trend, we can’t unnotice it–but no complaints here! We love how... Read more

Moodboard Monday : It’s Patio Season

They call it “Hotlanta” for a reason, and we’re already really feeling the heat in Atlanta this summer. And, an important space for many of us is the patio. These patio schemes are modern and fresh, making some fun with color and pattern. Read more

Moodboard Monday : Global Living Room

Enjoying the long weekend but can’t miss one of our favorite days of the week : #moodboardmonday! These schemes are for an in-town project with global influences. We’re mixing old and new with a few client-owned pieces and reupholstering the existing sofa, amongst providing new selects. Which do you prefer? Read more

Moodboard Monday : Atlanta Mid Mod Phase II Master Bath

While team Atelier Davis is working on design projects near and far, there’s one project that is quite close to home: owner Jess Davis’ mid-century modern residence in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Jess’ Atlanta Mid Mod already went through a major renovation back in 2019, and now it’s time for Phase II of... Read more

The Atlanta Mid Mod Sets the Backdrop for Stella Artois

If you’re a follower of Atelier Davis, you might have recognized a couple of the backgrounds from the latest Stella Artois ad. Founder Jess Davis created her Buckhead, Atlanta home to feel open, livable, and inspiring, which makes it the perfect backdrop for this fun commercial. Cheers! Read more