Roundup: Decorative Tiles

Looking for a way to spice up your home? Decorative tiles can be the perfect option to add some flare to your space. Although consistently a great choice for flooring and kitchen back-splashes, the limits don’t end there. There are many other uses for decorative and patterned tiles that you may not think of right... Read more

LuAnne’s Six Picks

Continuing on with our Six Picks featuring our employees, this week is all about our amazing LuAnne Kleppe. She is the house mom, the fort holder downer and everything in between when it comes to Nest. Luanne is in charge of all of our QC and shipping and is just a problem solver extraordaire with... Read more

Roundup: Millennial Pink

Millennial Pink: the color that just won’t go away. Also known as ‘Tumblr Pink’ and ‘Scandi Pink,’ it’s been consistently used in designs for years now after making what we thought was it’s peak in 2012. But why is it still so popular? Millennial pink has turned away from being viewed as girly and frilly... Read more

Trending: Cane Furniture

Hey, Kate Cabiltes here! I am all about rattan so it’s no surprise that cane often catches my eye as well. Made from rattan or bamboo, this classic furniture motif is best used in small doses – in my humble opinion. While the beautiful texture of cane certainly attracts attention it is by no means... Read more

Roundup: Statement Dining Chairs

If you’re anything like me, designing a dining room space can be a bit frustrating at times. Over time I’ve found that the dining room is the one area where I feel I have the least amount of freedom to give the space some flair.  Finding products that I like is not the problem here.Typically, trouble arises... Read more

Get the Look: Neutral Geometric Bedroom

Hi, it’s Kate Cabiltes! I am a fan of most designs that Emily Henderson’s former assistant Ginny MacDonald puts together. This cozy room that she schemed up is pretty dreamy but far from boring. The neutrals keep it serene and calm but the patterned walls make a bold statement, and I love how the lines... Read more

Roundup: Velvet Furnishings

Have you noticed velvet furnishings popping up all over the place? I have, too, and it’s because they are making a stylish come back this year. Once seen as old fashion and out of style, velvet furnishings are currently in their peak while being considered one of the top interior design trends of 2019. Velvet... Read more

Jessica Burne’s Six Picks

Continuing on with our Six Pick’s series, this week it’s all about our incredible Jessica Burne Davis. Although she holds the title of Head of Operations here at Nest Studio, Jess is always there for whatever needs to be done and acts as owner Jess Davis’s right hand gal.  We don’t know what we would... Read more

Hair we go!

I’ve been rocking my bangs with bun for almost 5 years now with a little break in the middle where it became bangs with bob.  Now I think I’m ready for a change. We are settled into our Atlanta house and I’m trying to up my self care routine and thinking that perhaps I could... Read more

Roundup: Modern Rugs for a Girl’s Bedroom

Designing a kids bedroom can be overwhelming at times. I don’t know about you, but I would not want to be spending a lot of money on expensive furnishings that the kids will likely outgrow in no time. One great way to go about this obstacle is by choosing pieces that are simple, understated, and... Read more

Get the Look: Minimalist Boho Nursery

Creating a nursery should be a sweet and fun time for new mothers to celebrate this special moment of their lives.  For first time moms and even moms have done it before, designing a nursery can get a bit overwhelming when trying to get the room just right! When Ciara Self, a first time mother... Read more

Roundup: Wood Dining Chairs

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good upholstered dining chair. In fact, I probably spec more of those in my designs. But when a project calls for all wood surface on the dining chairs, these are some of my faves that I look toward.   Johan from World Market :: Classic Cafe from... Read more